Dior 5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics Couture Eyeshadow Palette in Bonne Étoile (Review and Swatches)


The Dior Mystic Metallics collection is too beautiful for its own good. Well, okay, it’s too good for my own good. I am not one for coloured eyeshadow. Neutrals is my home, my comfort zone, my fool proof safety net. I somehow found myself enamoured with the Bonne Étoile couture eye shadow palette when it was thrust under my nose at a preview of the Fall collection.


“Pretty,” I said noncommittally to my favourite Dior guru and sales associate extraordinaire.

“Here give me your hand,” she coaxed.

One set of swatches and I was a goner. Rich olive tones, complex turquoise and sea foam, a silvery lavender. In theory, none of these colours should work together. Oh, but work together they do and so well! And who can resist embossed stars? I can’t resist embossed letters in my makeup let alone all this celestial goodness.


I was concerned that the aforementioned embossing would make the shadows more brittle where they are raised but the product applies evenly to my brush and the stars are still intact after numerous wears. Dior has one of my favourite eye shadow formulations because there is minimal to no fall out, high colour pay off, smooth and long wearing application. There is no overspray here-what you see is what you get after each and every application.


There is a purple and gold counterpart to this palette called Constellation and the colours seem more cohesive in a matchy-matchy way. This brown eyed girl has one to many purple hued palettes so I’m happy that I took a risk.

Grade: A-


  1. Deidra Alexander says

    Dior is so amazing! I was working for Laura Mercier at Macy’s in Pleasanton, CA in the U.S last week and had to helps group of clients at the Dior counter. I’m so amazed with the silky textures of their eye shadows, and they glide on the skin with ease. Dior always hits it out of the park!

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