Innovative Manicures with Incoco

Incoco ChevronThis past June I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about a new nail product that uses revolutionary technology to give a long lasting real nail polish manicure within minutes. No mess no fuss.

Made with 100% real nail polish, each strip contains a base, colour and topcoat, eliminating the need for liquid polish and dry time.  All you have to do is peel, stick and pinch off the excess for smudge and streak-free nails. Each appliqué is 95% dry so it is still malleable but fully dries within minutes seconds of being smoothed over the nail. Incoco advises you be careful for the first 15 minutes but I waited just 2 before going about my day and had no issues. Once dry the manicure lasts upwards of 14 days–both of mine lasted a solid 10 before starting to chip but I am quite vigorous with cleaning and was packing up my classroom at the end of the year.

Incoco Polka DotsThe first picture shows the chevron pattern right after application. The second picture of the polkadot pattern (my favourite) shows my first solo attempt at application. I could have removed a bit more of the excess on the sides of the cuticle to prevent it from catching or pulling. My tip is to apply to your thumbs last and use the bare nail on your thumb to push the appliqué in to the indentation between your nail and your cuticle. The excess product that sticks up snaps off really easily without affecting the finish.

Incoco_howtoapplyIncoco has a vast array of design and solid colours to choose from for your manicure and pedicure. Don’t be scared to mix and match solids with patterns to create your own signature look.

Live in the Greater Vancouver area? You can now have Incoco come to you! Email Danielle Storzuk at dstorzuk [at] gmail [dot] com to organize your very own Incoco party with a few girlfriends or pick out your signature pattern in-person.

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**Disclosure: PR samples provided for editorial consideration**


  1. Alice says

    What do you think of them compared to all the other brands out there? I know they were one of (if not THE) first to do this and that the formula has come a long way. But have you done any comparisons?

    • says

      Essie has a very similar productive but they are more expensive and there is a limited range of options, some of which are pretty chichi. There are three patterns I like but I wait for a promo at Shoppers. Sally Hansen’s are affordable but, again, the options are limited and they have a shorter wear time (approximately 7 days). I want to try the ones from Sephora and Revlon to compare.

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