Review: IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush

I have an obscene number of makeup brushes; it is truly absurd and I have them stored in a rotating desk organizer to keep them divided by type and have all of them visible. My brush collection is evidence of a younger, naive beauty blogger who thought I had to have every single type of brush used in a makeup video by “gurus” to recreate a look. Remember the early days when everyone and their grandmother had a Youtube beauty channel and would show each brush individually to the camera framed by their flat palm: “For this I’m using a MAC 215 and them I’m going to blend with a MAC 217”? Yep, they were my enablers.

The one thing I did take away from the infancy of my blog is that the quality of brushes you use does matter. The old adage “it is not quantity, it’s quality” still stands. Thankfully I was always wooed by brushes with superior quality so I don’t regret any of my purchases (…well maybe a few Sigma ones since I never use them). I have my favourites that I use daily and it takes a lot to draw me away from their tried and true performance. I have been sent brushes in the past and most of them were ok, but the Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush from It Cosmetics is definitely a winner.

IMG_3928A few brush collections have caught me eye over the years: Suuqu, Rae Morris, Kevyn Aucoin but I haven’t been tempted to invest because they are quite pricey. In my opinion, IT Cosmetics has face brushes that have comparable quality and results at reasonable prices, especially when compared to MAC.  Many companies have duo fibered brushes but few succeed at getting them to the right density and softness; the bristles are either too sparse and the brush looses form when blending, or they are too dense and rough which makes them impossible to clean thoroughly without a complete soaking (which can damage brushes long term). IT Cosmetics has achieved a perfect balance with cruelty free bristles that are incredibly soft and can blend liquid foundation and powder equally well for an airbrushed finish.


I have been using this brush for two weeks and have washed it three times. I had one or two strands shed off the first time but none since. It has retained its shape and texture and is probably my new favourite foundation brush. It buffs, smooths, stipples and blends without limited force because the bristles are so velvety.

Grade: A

**Disclosure: Product provided by PR for editorial consideration**


  1. Alice says

    AMOUNT of makeup brushes??? LYDIA!!! You are killing my little heart! Haha.

    I love your blog. Your posts are always fantastic.

    I have to say, I love my Sigmax brush for foundation, and would love to try other shapes from the line (and the precision ones!!) if I could justify buying brushes I don’t need. Another absolute favourite is the kabuki one I have from The Body Shop. I think it might be designed for use with mineral powders… Anyway, it’s a black handle with black and brown bristles (synthetic, of course!) and it is so, so soft. I find powder brushes can irritate my skin in the morning but this one never feels scratchy. And it’s easy to clean and has held up well over the last year, given the cheap-ish price.

    • says

      I find that my Sigmax brushes lost a lot of their softness after I washed them and the bristles never fully separate like they originally were no matter how many times I wash and rinse. They are still good brushes but I have others that I prefer.

      • Alice says

        Interesting. Mine has been fantastic. And I am really picky with brushes. (Never understood why people like MAC brushes. They aren’t soft at all!)

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