Laura Mercier Art Deco Muse Collection Review and Swatches


When I opened these eye shadows at home I was royally ticked. I purchased them downtown (an hour away from where I live) at Holt Renfrew were I had to beat off the sales associate trying to book me in for makeover. She made the word “persistant” look mild and just wouldn’t take no for an answer; she even went so far as to pull out her calendar and start to pencil me in. No MEANS NO! If she had payed even a percentage of that attention on what I was saying and what products she was retrieving, I wouldn’t have gotten home and realized she sold me Gilded Rosegold instead of Gilded Moonlight–even after I repeated it 3x for her. Faced with the inconvenience of driving 2 hours round trip and spending unnecessary money on gas, I sucked it up and kept the wrong shadow. But boy was I bitter!


On the bright side, these shadows really are wonderful. The whole collection from Laura Mercier was inspired by the 1920 Parisian Art Deco movement in design and architecture. This is inspiration perfectly executed–simple but bold. There are four quilted Illuminating Eye Colors in this collection, of which I have three: Gilded Platinum, Gilded Rosegold, Gilded Bronze.

IMG_3734 copy

The swatches really speak for themselves. Packed full of metallic pigmentation these eye shadows have New Year’s Eve written all over them. I was amazed by how smooth they were because I was expecting to feel the slight grit of glitter. Nope. None. If butter shimmered like metal it would probably be the most comparable comparison I could make. If you are looking for creaseless, long wearing metallics then look no further than Laura Mercier.

Still available on the Laura Mercier website.

Grade: A-


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