Rachel Made Me Do It: NARS Luster Blush

Rachel McAdams, one of my ultimate beauty icons, took the Cannes Film Festival by storm with her fresh and gorgeous beauty looks. On one particular evening her makeup artist (and sister) Kayleen flushed her cheeks with a lovely apricot blush. As soon as the picture came across my computer monitor, I knew I had to have that blush. A few keystrokes later I had the name and a new shopping mission.

NARS Luster may look nondescript in the pan, but I assure you that this is a must colour for summer.

When it comes to NARS blushes, there are the good (Deep Throat) and the bad (Super Orgasm…hello obnoxious glitter fest). Luster is solidly in the good category, as it brightens the face with a natural flush and soft illuminating shimmer. It can be worn on its own or layered with your favourite bronzer to give a healthy glow and keep your tan from looking flat.

Some people think that Luster is too similar to Madly, but I completely disagree. In the pan they may appear to be similar in shade, but on the skin they give completely different effects. Madly is far more of a brown-pink whereas Luster is a golden apricot peach. When I use Madly, I have to be cautious not to use a heavy hand because it can come across muddy, so I much prefer Luster. The added bonus is that Luster is not pink based so it really is different from all other blushes in my collection.


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    I love Rachel!! I wish just being Canadian meant I could be as beautiful as she is! I haven’t been too big of a fan of NARS blushes but that one really does look pretty!

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    @Alice: It is more sheer than orgasm blush so you can build it up to the intensity you want. Orgasm is far more peachy-pink whereas this is more of a neutral toned peach.

    @Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup: Well said! And yes, certain pinks can definitely make your skin look ruddy. Peaches are more universally complimentary.

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    Hmmmm…. Maybe my first Nars blush? I find Orgasm nice, but I need something sheer since I am so pale and suck at application.

    I will look into it! thanks!

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